The Great Ivory

Inspired by "The Great Ivory" written by ALD
Inspired by “The Great Ivory” written by Alexandra Lane, Illustrated by Allison Kittredge

If the mammoths were still alive we would use their tusks to make piano keys.  We wouldn’t remove the tusks, but carve the keys right in. The music played by the man sitting between the tusks would reverberate hollow through great halls, where audiences would sit, breathless. Sometimes, the mammoths would cry (because the music is so beautiful, the composer would say), and their tears would be bottled and sold to ladies of high rank and great wealth after the shows. The mammoth’s tears would be said to have magical properties, like adding years to your life, making you more beautiful, desirable, and if you were particularly lucky, happy. Any mammoth that would cry, would not live long after, and its body would be discarded without ceremony.