Sir Terry Pratchett, Thank You.

Sir Terry Pratchett has left us. I wish that I had been able to meet him because no one else on this planet has unwittingly given me so many gifts. He inspired me to not only try to be a better writer, but a better human. His characters are more human and solid than any others I have ever known, and I feel like even though Terry Pratchett is gone, his characters and his world, are still going strong. They will not bend their backs. The turtle still moves.

I would say that, the world is a darker place now without this man, but he left us so much light through his words that we could not possibly come away with less for having had him. Yet, I and all the thousands who forged a reader/writer bond with him, (those of you have it know what I mean) will not be able to help but feel a hole somewhere in the fabric of our reality where he should be. I think the best we can hope to do to honor his memory is to take his advice.

“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – Terry Pratchett (from The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents)

Terry, thank you for everything.  I hope the sandwiches are magnificent.

All of our love,


Camera, Brewer’s, WItches

I am quite excited, I just got a beautiful refurbished Nikon d3300. It is shiny and sleek and black, like the ninja of cameras. I picked it out specifically so I can try my hand at astrophotography. I missed taking photographs and have an affinity for the night sky, aversion to bright lights and inability to figure out what colors are happening in my eye sockets, so astrophotography seemed ideal.

I also purchased my first Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. It is legendary, it is magical, it has a forward written by Sir Terry Pratchett, and is big enough to potentially bludgeon my nemeses with its pages of arcane knowledge. (Although, I admit  it might be more fruitful to sit them down with it instead). I intend to begin a writing “exercise” using one Brewer’s word or phrase a week to trigger an exercise, probably alphabetically.

Allison is nearly done with her first drawing for the blog, I am ecstatic because it is quite beautiful.

In the meantime I will leave you with this.


I am the witch that lives in the woods
whose flesh is your parchment when I die
gnarled fingers clutching dirt
learning your soles
I can tell you where you’ve been
and if you lay your palm
against my skin
tell you who you’ve loved.